Our Strategy to Control Termite

The best time to provide protection against termites is during the planning and construction phase of a structure. The major objective of Eastern Services to establish a chemical barrier between the soil, where termites live and the wood in the home. A thorough pre-construction treatment is needed to protect the structure from termites. Treating a structure for termite control requires specialized equipment that homeowners usually do not have on hand such as a 100-gallon tank, roller pump auxiliary motor to deliver the insecticide from the tank, hoses, treating tools, etc. Therefore, it is not recommended that homeowners’ attempt to treat their homes for termite control. Pre-construction termite treatment can be done in following phases:

  • Foundation

  • Piping 

  • Flooring

  • Wood Working

                                    Bait System


Baits/monitoring systems may be used for post-construction termite control. This systems are a recent innovation in termite by eliminating or reducing the size of the termite colony. They do no create a barrier around the structure, as do the liquid insecticides discussed earlier. Presently, termiticide baits are either insect growth regulators (IGRs) or slow acting poisons. The use of termiticide baits can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional liquid insecticide