Termite Treatment in F6 Islamabad

Termite Treatment in F6 Islamabad is now Available at Eastern Services Islamabad. F6 Sector is one of the oldest Sectors in Islamabad. F6 is also known for Super Market, Cricket Grounds and Embassies and Governmental Buildings in this area.

As Old this area is, Much more is the risk of Termite (Deemak) is present as Termite targets damp area. Termite come from the ground they trace any Hole or crack in the house and they start making colonies in the home. They have a queen which lay eggs and Worker Termites store food.

Food is wood, Your furniture, doors, windows, and all of the woodwork in your home is food for termites.

You can protect the home by Getting Termite treatment which will protect your house for a specific time period.

What We Can Do

Eastern Services will perform a proper Termite Termination or you can say Termite Proofing procedure. Which will include a lot of techniques and steps e.g Drilling in the ground and injecting chemicals in that drill hole to Make Soil under your home termite-proof for a long time.

All of your wood is inspected and treated with chemicals so your wood can stay safe from termite attacks.

A trap or Bait Technique we Use to Avoid Termites getting in your house..

Termites are the nightmare of homeowners. They can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home by eating away the wood in a manner that may not be visible without careful inspection.

But we have the latest Bait system which can be installed around your house and they can stop termites to travel to your house.

Why You Should Choose Us

Eastern Services is one of the top Pest Control Firm in Pakistan. Our client list includes Entities like Pearl Continental, National Book Foundation, Marriot Hotel, Ministry of Commerce and much more. Our Residential Client count is more than 1100 .

We are operating since 2001. Our equipment is latest and we have our own formula of chemical that we use. We are also ISO certified.


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