Termite Control Solution in Islamabad

Termite Control Solution in Islamabad Is available at Eastern Services.

Termite Spray Fumigation Service in Gujranwala
Termite Spray Fumigation Service in Gujranwala

Our Termite Control Solutions

We have multiple termite control solutions and procedures that we use. After working in the termite control industry for about 22 years and counting, we have developed our state-of-the-art termite control services in Islamabad. Researching the reasons and penetration of termites in buildings, houses, shops, lawns and other places, we are providing termite control services in Islamabad and across Pakistan.

Pre-Construction Termite Proofing

Our pre-construction termite proofing service is also a pre-treatment for termites when you are constructing a building. After having a professional inspection of your construction site, our team provides you with detailed procedure operations. In the termite control services in Peshawar, we cover everything that helps you in having the best termite security.
We process the termite proofing during construction starting from the ground to the building procedure and giving you termite control assurance. The pre-treatment termite services come with a 10 year guaranteed protection.

Post-construction termite control

If you are done with the construction and did not have the pre-treatment for termite, then we offer you post-construction termite control services in Gujranwala,and across Pakistan. Using the specific techniques, we make sure to secure your building, house or premises to exterminate termites and stop their growth.
Using the specific drill and pump technique, we come up with result-oriented termite extermination services. The process guarantees you to have termite-free life for at least about 5 years depending on termite type and its growth frequency. 

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Eastern Services is one of the top Pest Control Service Provider in Islamabad and Pakistan. Our Offices are Located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. We are providing our services from last 20 Years.

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