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Termite Control Services


Termite is an insect with a small and pale body, which tends to live in large colonies having distinct castes and prefer mounds of cemented earth. It is noticed that they feed on wood, thus being extremely damaging to trees and timber. As per classification, it belongs to the kingdom Animalia and class Insecta as is included in the phylum Arthropoda.

Types of Termites:

According to the destruction these termites do to human locations, there are two types of termites.

  1. Drywood Termites: These termites penetrate deep into the wooden material.
  2. Subterranean Termites: These termites live underground and are difficult to discover as long as prominent damage has occurred.

Way of damaging Human Property:

Primarily termites damage the wooden parts of your home like doors and windows. It can also cause the destruction of paper materials like books, and insulations, and even badly affect filtration systems. As a consequence, termites can negatively affect your home in many numerous ways. For instance, it causes a severe collapse of ceilings and floors and can also deteriorate furniture, carpeting, and flooring.

Symptoms of termites devastation:

Some of the important and prominent signs of Termites invasion are:
Discolored walls
Hollow sounded like wood parts
Small holes in drywall
Stuck doors and windows
Loosened tiles
Rusty floorboards

Prevention and treatment of Termites infestation:

The very obvious strategies to be implemented to prevent termites and minimize their respective destruction are chemical and non-chemical means.

Non-Chemical means:

Following are the ways to prevent termites’ intrusion;
Try to keep the soil around the foundation of the home dry because the moister attracts harmful pests.
Avoid planting trees and shrubs near the exposed wood structures.
Apply physical barriers like steel mesh and sand.

Chemical treatment:

It is observed that control of termites through chemicals is very effective and long-lasting.
For this purpose, therefore our services recommend you to follow these ways.

Use active termiticides like Acetamiprid, Permethrin, Permethrin, etc.
Use Termite baits like Diflubenzuron, Hexaflumuron, etc.
Borates treatment in the form of sprays.

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