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Rats control services in Islamabad

Rats control services Islamabad


Rats and mice are both rodents, so look similar – the biggest difference is their size. The rats are larger and heavier while mice have smaller slender bodies. Mice also have long slender tails (for their body size) covered in hair compared to rat tails which are shorter, thicker, and hairless. All the rats/mice belong to the rodent family and are pests. Because they are spreading harmful viruses which cause harmful diseases. Therefore Eastern Services company is providing the best rats control services in Islamabad & all over Pakistan.

Fumigation for rats

Fumigation plays an important role in the protection of human health & preservation of human resources/properties. We know that all the pests are living around the human environment because they are getting their food. most of the pests are parasites because they are depending on other living organisms. According to the defination of fumigation, it’s one of the best & authentic chemical processes in which professionals eliminate pests from the specific structure. In the winter season, the rodents are moving from land to structures/ buildings. Because they need food & shelter. In the residential and commercial buildings, there are many moist and garbage areas available which attract pests to the buildings. Therefore fumigation is very necessary for everyone because it provides protective layers which stop the pests.

Pest control for rats

As we know that pest control takes an important role in the preservation of human properties and prevention of human health. Nowadays pest control is becoming an international issue because they are growing globally. Therefore eastern services aim to make Pakistan pest-free. In Pakistan, we are providing our qualitative services for the last 17+ years.

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