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Rat Control Services in Islamabad

Rat Mouse Removal in Islamabad

Are you tired of the increasing population of rodents around your property and all the damage caused by them? Do you think that the health of your family members or workforce might be compromised due to rodents and you want professional rat removal in Islamabad Rawalpindi? Call us right now at 033611012345.

With several years of conducting qualified services, we have created an outstanding reputation in the pest control industry in Pakistan. Rat Mouse Removal in Islamabad

Rat Control removal service in islamabad


Alot of Species of rats have been identified. Apart from damaging property, they carry dangerous diseases like salmonella, tuberculosis, leptospirosis, and tapeworms. The rats also introduce other pests like mites, fleas, and ticks within the premises. They can squeeze into small cracks, holes or spaces to make their way into your home. With the ability to produce up to 200 young ones in four months, they quickly grow in numbers as well. Rat Mouse Removal in Islamabad


Inspection: Our pest control team will inspect your house thoroughly to find the possible entry points and damaged locations. The detailed survey helps us to determine the level of infestation and what measures should be taken.

Bait Stations: We place bait systems filled with rodenticides around the perimeter of your home to prevent the rats from entering your property. To ensure kids and other family members stay safe while doing our work we take precautionary measurement.

Prevention: Our major objective is to make your building impervious to rodents. So, we will seal any holes and gaps, blocking access points to your home. Rat Mouse Removal in Islamabad

Why Choose Us?

Eastern Services operates under an approved license as an authorized Pest Control Service Provider. As a licensed treatment provider we can help businesses meet their  requirements by providing effective and timely fumigation services.

Rodents Removal Services in Islamabad

Rat Mouse Removal in Islamabad

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