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Rat Control Service For Restaurant Islamabad

Rat Control Services For Restaurants

Rat Control Services For Restaurants Available in Islamabad Now With Eastern Services. This animal Rat is one of the most creepy and most dangerous animal / pest in world. Rats carry diseases and viruses. Rats are mostly found in damp areas like gutters and sewers. Another Place where rats are found mostly is Kitchen or Kitchen Storage because rats are too fond of food.

They like to eat and destroy our stuff, Eastern Services has Stepped up as a Professional Team to Help out the restaurants in Islamabad to get rid of these rats and mice.

Why You Should Call Us?

Our 20 Years of Experience makes us eligible for this job and we are up for any kind of challenge. We must protect our food and process of making food. Rats are the one who destroy our food and process of making food. Rats sometime carry poison on their body which can cause infection in our stomach or body.

Thats why you need to call us we have Chemicals, Traps and Techniques to catch and kill rats.

What Damage Can Rats Cause?

Rats not only damage your food storage in Restaurant but they also cut other things. For Example they cut supply pipes and they sleep in Air Vents. These Air vents are used in Restaurant for fresh Air and that Air gets polluted because of these Rats.

Gas pipes are most vulnerable item in Kitchen If they cut them it can result in fire. Most of the time Kitchen fires are caused by Rats and other insects.

From Where These Rats Come in?

Rodents can enter restaurants through doorways and very small cracks and holes. In fact, rats can squeeze through holes as small as the size of a quarter and mice can slip through openings the size of a dime. To help prevent rodent entry, seal all exterior cracks and crevices (pay special attention to openings around pipes leading to the exterior), install door sweeps, and repair torn or ill-fitting window screens. It’s also important to fix all leaks as soon as possible to help remove water sources.

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