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    Mosquito Control

    Mosquito Control – The House Mouse has brown fur on its back and grey fur underneath. Its ears are large in relation to its body and its feet are small. The tail is approximately the same length as the head and body but is much thinner than the tail of a young rat. They contaminate far more food than they consume and they are capable of carrying many disease’s, particularly food poisoning.

    The average house mouse deposits 70 dropping’s in 24 hours and urinates frequently to mark its territory. The House Mouse is the more common domestic pest and will nest in loft’s, partition’s, farm barn’s, shed’s, garage’s, beneath floor’s, in commercial units and behind wall boarding.

    They can cause problem’s by gnawing/destroying and making holes in woodwork and other building material’s, gnawing and damaging water pipe’s (causing flooding) and electrical cable’s (causing fire’s and electrical failure)