Product Name: Fipronil 50sc

Trade Name:  Fipromite 50sc
Use: Insecticide

Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) is one of the effective, long lasting and non exemplarpoison. Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) is most effective like then the other anti termite medicines its transfer effect and non repellent action clear all the termite effective society. This standardised effective poison prevent the building before and after the construction. Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) has a long lasting effect at any geographical and tuff round conditions. Its protect the building as a shield as well as it is otharless , unstained and environment friendly .

Product Name : Deltamathrin 2.5EC

Use: Insecticide
Chemical Family: Pyrethroid
Physical State: Liquid
It used for all flying and crawling insects , space treatment and indoor treatment as well . It has some safety measures mentioned below:
Handling Procedures:
          Handle and open container in a manner as to prevent spillage. Do not use near heat or open flame.

Chemical composition:
Fipronil 30gm/Ltr
Chloryrifos 150gm/Ltr
Other Ingredients
Shocker 180cf
fenail is the mixture of baierazol & ergative phosphate which is contain the different and long lasting effective poison . Due to its non repellent and transfer defective action its more effective anti termite poison which cover the all colony and block it properly.

PRODUCT NAME : Alphacypermethrin 10 SC

CHEMICAL NAME OF:         (S)- alpha cyano-3-phenoxy benzyl (IR,3R)-(2,2-dichlorovinyl), 2-2 dimethylcyclopropane carboxylate).

Precautions during application:
Wear long sleeved shirt, trousers, hand gloves and dust mask on the face to avoid exposure to skin and inhaler, avoid breathing vapor, mist and dust .