Pesticide & Insecticide

pesticides and insecticides

Pesticides are medicines composed of various alcoholic chemicals which are used to minimize pests. According to the worldwide average, Pakistan had a high consumption of pesticides because there are huge numbers of harmful pests growing. That harmful insects are damaging agriculture, residential and commercial properties, also largely affecting human health. On the other hand, if Pakistani companies are picking low-quality pesticides then they may have side effects that are more destructive as compared to the pests. Companies and governmental responsible organizations should make a plan to absorb pure organic and less effective pesticides.

Best Quality Pesticide

After analysis, the eastern services pest management company based in Pakistan publish a report on pesticides. According to the report, there are varieties of chemicals and other pest control and fumigation equipment are importing to Pakistan. Among them, some of the best quality eco-friendly, organic, and best-quality pesticides are as under.

  • Fipromite 50sc

One of the best types of insecticide that is used to eliminate insects. Fipromite(Fipromite50sc) is one of the most effective, long-lasting, and non-exemplar poisons. It is most effective as compared to other anti-termite medicines. Its non-repellent action clears all the productive termite society. Its flexibility in usage with domino effect and non-repellent.

  • Dolphin 1.5/2.5EC

It’s also one of the core types of pesticides. Mostly used for controlling flying and crawling insects (pests). Dolphin is also used for space treatment and indoor treatments. Insecticides including Deltamathrin 2.0 FC 2.5% and Petroleum Solvent 97.5%.


It is also one of the core types of pesticide that is used for insect control. This insecticide contains chlorpyrifos 480 grams/liter (48%w/v). The best quality imported pesticides available here in Pakistan at your doorstep.

Pest control & fumigation Services

If you are facing trouble eliminating pests from your area and looking for the best pest management and fumigation services then you are in the right place. Because here we are going to show you the right information about the best pest control companies in Pakistan. When you search for the best pest control services near me or the best fumigation services in Islamabad. Then you will get a bunch of companies on your search result page.

After searching for your desired pest management services you will get a bunch of companies on the top. Now you have to filter the pest management companies on the basis of customer reviews. You will get there the pest control company named Eastern Services pest management company based in Islamabad Pakistan. A company having highly professional and best quality imported equipment including pesticides, and insecticides. You will get 100% satisfaction after getting their best pest control, termite control, and fumigation services. 

Pest management, termite proofing and fumigation company

Eastern Services Pest Management Company is performing the best services in Rawalpindi / Islamabad and all over Pakistan. Pest management professionals are actively performing the services by using the latest technologies and authentic, primitive methods.  You will get their quick response because their teams are active in every corner of Pakistan. The believe that your satisfaction is our success. So you will get 100% satisfaction after getting their best pest management and termite treatment services. For more updates and information, you can contact directly with eastern services company.  Their WhatsApp number and landline number are herein below.

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