Eastern Services’ Pharmaceutical Protection Precision program was specifically designed for facilities like yours and meets or exceeds the requirements of every major auditor.

Possible Pest Attractors in Your Facility

Because pests seek food, water and optimal temperatures, the large quantities of stored products used for

drug manufacturing and storage make pharmaceutical facilities an ideal pest habitat. Perishable, stored products can attract pests like the beetle, weevil and mealworm species. Pests also can find plentiful sources of water used in laboratories and restrooms throughout the facility, or even from a leaky faucet or water fountain. Pest control can be a challenge in pharmaceutical facilities due to the strict treatment protocols required by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. Pharmaceutical Protection Precision comes complete with Eastern Services’, which provides everything you need to meet and exceed Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan pest management requirements, including:

Vendor Inspection Program (VIP) Eastern Services will provide inspections of your key vendors to help ensure that they adhere to pest control protocols as stringent as your own.

Complimentary staff IPM training Keeping pests out requires collaboration with your staff, so we will conduct one complimentary on-site IPM training each year.

Audit-ready documentation Your Eastern Services Work Center – on-site at your facility – will house service reports, pest monitoring logs, corrective action reports, trend analysis and pesticide usage reports.

On-site audit support Before, during and after your third-party audit, Eastern Services can be on-site to answer questions and assist with the pest control portion as needed.