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Pest Control Services in Pakistan 01

Pest Control services for your Sweet Home and office

Pest Control Services

Protect your sweet home from harmful pests. We deal with all types of pest problems all over Pakistan. we have Imported Chemicals and latest technology. Quick Response. 10 Years Guarantee in pest control Services and fumigation services.

You can not remove pests randomly because they are living in hidden places during light. when you off lights and go to rest then they disturb you. if agricultural parasites were insufficient, there is a big threat of residential pests too. In which termites, ants, radon’s, and lizards are living in the place of food storage areas of your happy home.

Pest Control services in rawalpindi,islamabad
Best pest control, termite control, rodents control, ant control, demak control, mosquito control, dengue control, and fumigation services all over Pakistan

Pest control approaches greatly vary for domestic as well as agriculture applications. Standard methods of bug control in agriculture primarily included crop turning, careful reproduction as well as friend planting. Reduced flying airplanes are made use of in spraying chemical pesticides over large areas.

Chemical bug control techniques are fairly old as well as are stated to be in practice since 4000 or 4500 years. But more detailed today, pyrethrum as well as derris were presented which were adhered to by much better synthetic pesticides like DDT as well as other herbicides.

Pest Control of the Residential and commercial areas

However residential insect problem is practically entirely different. The significant insects that trouble us are termites, rats, insects as well as bed insects. You can almost call termites terror-mites. These soft_looking, plant_like insects, come from 2 kinds: below ground and completely dry timber termites, coming from over 2000 varieties. Both of them survive on cellulose.

Fumigation plays an important role in pest control permanently for residential areas as well as commercial areas. We have two types of fumigation services which are as under.Post Construction in which we do fumigation in your house or office whilepre-Construction is a process in which we do fumigation before the construction of you building.

Our services are pest control, termite control, rodents control.  Ant control, demak control, mosquito control, dengue control, and fumigation services all over Pakistan.

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