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Few things are worse than finding that the garden that you’ve put so much hard work into is now covered with destructive insects who are going to reduce all of the fruits of your labor into mush and broken dreams. When this happens, you might be quick to get as much pesticide as you can to kill those little garden-murdering soul-suckers. However, you don’t want to go plastering chemical pesticides all over the produce you worked so hard on. For this reason, it’s worth looking into organic methods of pest control that are garden-safe…

Using beneficial insects

One thing to consider doing is purchasing some insects that aren’t going to eat your plants, and are instead going to chomp down on some of the bugs that are causing all of the harm. For example, ladybugs are going to eat aphids and other bugs that are bad for your garden. You can buy a bag of these little garden defenders from most garden supply stores. Another option is to grow plants that attract ladybugs, such as angelica, dill, fennel, or chives, so that they’ll come of their own free will.

Using traps

One way to catch certain types of insects is to use traps, such as sticky traps. You’ve probably seen these hanging in offices, homes, or other gardens. Hang these traps near your plants and then shake the plants until the bugs fly up off of them. They’ll be drawn towards the sticky trap and find themselves in an unfortunate position, but you’ll be that many pests fewer in your garden!

Insecticidal soap sprays

You can purchase insecticidal soap sprays that don’t have the harmful chemicals that you find in other pesticides. These sprays use specific fatty acids to dissolve the skin of the pests. Because of how they work, insecticidal soap sprays must touch the insect when it is still in liquid form, unlike pesticides. For this reason, there is a smaller window for these sprays to kill the insects. Also, some plants may still be harmed by these sprays, so be wary before covering your entire garden


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