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We expect to run into bugs and other pests when we are outside, but our homes are supposed to be safe spaces. No one likes to have their home invaded. Unfortunately, Utah has its own fair share of pests that can turn our haven into a battle zone if we aren’t careful. Here are some Utah pests to keep an eye out for:

Ants are not only everywhere, but they are persistent and resourceful. If there is a way into your home, they will find it. While most ants are just annoying, some bite and others can damage the structure of your home. Make sure you remove any incentive for the scouting parties. Clean up food spills, vacuum and sweep regularly, and call in professionals to protect the exterior of your house.

Wasps, Bees, Yellow Jackets
Most people have experienced a sting from one of these insects in their lives, and no one wants to repeat that experience. While some bees can be fairly docile, other vespidae can be vicious and aggressive. Wasps tend to nest in the eaves of houses, hornets typically build nests in trees, and yellow jackets live in the ground. No matter where they live, if they are in close proximity to your home or family they can be dangerous. Keep an eye out for scouting parties to discourage the initial building of a nest. Once there is a nest, it is best to seek professional help to minimize the risk.

These creatures have a long history as vectors of disease and filth. They can also damage the wiring in your home. Like the other pests on this list, they can take any opportunity or advantage to break into your house. Again, it is important to remove incentive for these creatures. If they don’t sense food available in your home, they are less likely to invade. If you start to see droppings, gnaw marks, hear scratching, or find evidence of a nest, give us a call and we can remove the problem for you.

While spiders aren’t typically dangerous to humans, there are several varieties in Utah that can pose a threat. The Black Widow and Brown Recluse are two of the more dangerous species that tend to lurk in Utah. While these two should certainly be guarded against, even the non-dangerous spiders are not welcome in our homes. Keeping the house clean is a great way to defend against spiders. In some cases, turning your porch light off at night can help too. Spiders like to hunt the moths and other insects attracted by the light. Finally, if you are worried about a spider infestation, give us a call at eastern services, and we will give you some piece of mind.


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