Thorough and effective pest control is fundamental to your performance on third-party audits. That’s why you need an expert.At Eastern Services, we believe the more we know about pests and why they do what they do, the better we can do what we do. And in sensitive food processing environments like yours, it takes a scientific approach. We understand that pests and the pathogens they carry must be kept far away from your products to prevent foodborne illnesses and that it should be done with minimally invasive pest control treatments. So when you choose Eastern Services’s Food Safety  Protection Precision, you’ll get a program that is designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry. It comes complete with IPM system of comprehensive documentation and audit support anytime you need it. Let us be your partner, and we’ll combine our deep knowledge of food safety standards with our scientific approach to help you hit a home run on every third-party audit. Choose Eastern Services and get more than an exterminator. Get an expert.


  1. Our Food Safety Protection Precision program is designed specifically for  audited facilities like yours.
  2. We have the breadth and depth of experience in our industry and with pest  to deliver reliably and with outstanding results no mather where you are.
  3. we’re prepared to be with every step of the way before during and after your third-party audit.

How Eastern Services’s Food Safety Protection Precision Prepares You for Audit Success Proven approach to keeping pests out Eastern Services Commercial Pest Specialist will follow strict Integrated Pest Management protocols that meet or exceed your auditors’ standards and are proven to help keep pests in their place..

Audit-ready documentation

Comprehensive documentation is a cornerstone of our Food Safety Protection Precision program. Eastern Services Work Center – on-site at your facility – will house service reports, pest monitoring logs, corrective action reports, trend analysis and pesticide usage reports. Pest Sighting Memos on the outside of the Work Center give your team a way to report pest sightings between services so Eastern Services Commercial Pest Specialist can follow up quickly.

On-site audit support

Before, during and after your third-party audit, Eastern Service can be on-site to answer questions and otherwise assist with the pest control portion as needed. We’ll work with you to review all pest control documentation and ensure material safety data sheets, pest sighting logbooks, treatment information and copies of technician licenses and insurance are up-to-date.

Assess. Implement. Monitor.

Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. Through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we identify the best program for your needs based on scientific research and custom inspections.

Our methods combine a collaborative and ongoing cycle of three critical activities, so you can rest assured that your property is getting maximum protection with minimum exposure.


First we inspect, identify and evaluate all the underlying reasons pests can infest your property. Comprehensive inspections We detect any sanitation issues or structural conditions conducive to pests. Identification of pest activity We examine and report any evidence of pest infestation.

Risk evaluation

We consider your property type, geography and any conditions conducive to pest activity.


Cookie-cutter pest management solutions are ineffective. We work with you to develop a customized solution to suit your unique needs.

Focus on prevention

When we can, we start with exclusion, sanitation and other non-chemical options.

Environmentally responsible

If a product is needed, your Eastern Services Commercial Pest Specialist selects the most effective treatment with the least impact on the environment. Sanitation consultation Your Eastern Services Commercial Pest Specialist will consult with you to make sure your cleaning efforts make a real impact on potential pest “hot spots.”


Year-round monitoring, documentation and communication help to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your service.

Ongoing protection

During regular service inspections, your Eastern Services Commercial Pest Specialist monitors for signs of pest activity, looks for pest-conducive conditions and ensures that your program is working. Documentation and communication After each service, your Eastern Services Commercial Pest Specialist documents all services performed, pest activity and any other recommendations.