Fipromite 50sc

Product Name: Fipronil 50sc
Trade Name:  Fipromite 50sc
Use: Insecticide

Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) is one of the effective, long-lasting, and non-exemplar poison. Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) is most effective, like then the other anti-termite medicines its transfer of effect and non-repellent action clear all the productive termite society. This standardized effective poison prevents the building before and after the construction. Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) has a long-lasting effect at any geographical and tuff ground conditions. It protects the building as a shield as well as it is odorless, unstained, and environment friendly. It can be used Pre Construction & Post Construction with the same effectiveness.
 1)Must use a face mask, gloves, and proper safety uniform during treatment.
2) Keep away from children.
3) Avoid to save and carry along with the food & eating stuff.
4) Contact a doctor immediately in case of swallowing.
5) Because the use of poison does not come under the company’s responsibility, so any misuse of this poison will not be the responsibility of the company.
6) There is no anti-poison for this so treated as per symptoms.