Fipromite 50sc

Trade Name:  Fipromite 50sc
Use: Termiticide

Fipromite (Fipronil50sc) is one of the most effective, long-lasting, and non-exemplar poisons. Fipromite (Fipronil 50sc) is the most effective, like then the other anti-termite medicines its transfer of effect and non-repellent action clear all the productive termite society.

Termite Control Services

Eastern Services uses Fipromite 50sc, a powerful termite control chemical, to kill termites. Fipromite 50sc is applied directly to the infested wood and with a drilling method to the soil beneath and around the home. This treatment is effective at eliminating termites quickly and safely. This standardized effective poison prevents the building before and after construction. Fipromite (Fipronil 50sc) has a long-lasting effect in any geographical and tuff ground conditions. It protects the building as a shield as well as it is odorless, unstained, and environment friendly.

Dolphin 1.5/2.5EC

Trade Name:  Dolphin 50sc
Use: Insecticide

Use: Insecticide
Chemical Family: Pyrethroid
Physical State: Liquid
It is used for all flying and crawling insects, space treatment, and indoor treatment as well. It has some safety measures mentioned below:

Choloromite` 48 EC

Trade Name:  Clorpyrifos 480g/L
Use: Insecticide

Handle and open containers in a manner to prevent spillage. Stay away from heat or open flames when using it.

Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide, acaricide and miticide used primarily to control foliage and soil-borne insect pests