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Best Fumigation Services in Islamabad

Best Fumigation Services in Islamabad

Best Fumigation Services in Islamabad Eastern Services Pest Control is the premier choice for pest control. We provide safe, fast and effective pest control services at economical prices.

All our experts are licensed and highly skilful to deal with all types of pests and eradicate them from the roots. We follow environment-friendly and safe procedures which mean our treatments are safe for your pets and children. 

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is done on large scale. Fumigation is the release of gaseous pesticides on an infected area for complete termination of pests. The area where pest infection has occurred is filled with fumigants. This gaseous pesticide terminates all kinds of pests, including termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and other crawling bugs.

Best Fumigation Services in Islamabad

Process of Fumigation

Since fumigation is a multi-stage procedure, at Eastern Services  Pest Control we follow a step by step process. Here are the three primary and essential fumigation steps:


The first step is preparation. The Chemicals and gases must stay trapped so they can cause effective damage to bugs. So we have to close all doors, windows, breaches, holes or openings in area.


This step is all about actual fumigation. This depends on the level of infestation. Residents, pets and birds are restricted during this time period. The fumigant gas percolates during this period and eradicates even the last piece of infestation.


If you are looking forward to getting fumigation Services in Islamabad, connect with us for an online free quote. You can also call us on 03361101234  to avail our same day inspection service, and we can further discuss the complete fumigation procedure based on your requirements.

Best Fumigation Services in Islamabad

Why Choose Us?

Eastern Services operates under an approved license as an authorized Pest Control Service Provider. As a licensed treatment provider we can help businesses meet their  requirements by providing effective and timely fumigation services.

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